Remember to Remember: 40 Years of Discipleship

I'm continuing to look back where I've been in this part 2 of 4 - 40 years of discipleship. Discipleship is quite a mouthful. Depending on who you talk to, it can mean a formal relationship where one person (typically younger) learns from an older person. But it can also mean simply living by example. Here's... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Wonder Years

From the Back Cover:   “We’re all getting older. How do we make the second half of our lives the best half? Forty incredible women of faith from 40-85 tackle aging anxieties head-on - and upend them with compelling first-person stories full of humor, sass, and spiritual wisdom. Ann Voskamp, Elisa Morgan, Elisabeth Elliot, Jennifer Dukes... Continue Reading →

Remember to Remember: where I’ve been

I’m sure you’ve seen people posting their daily “thankful things” on social media. November is about thankfulness but more than that… it’s about being aware of right now and remembering. Steven Curtis Chapman’s single “Remember to Remember” stopped me in my tracks the other day. I’d been trying to put my arms around the ideas... Continue Reading →

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